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Neon Fantasies manicure

Hello ladies! Wow it’s been a while since I posted something, but this time it is a good one! One of my favorite nail artists is a young lady named Britney Tokyo, she is amazing and does some great Japanese nail art, if you haven’t found her yet definitely check her out and show her some love, she also participates in the Vanity Projects, lucky duck, she travels all over the US doing nails for those lucky enough to book an appointment! Well I have gone on long enough about my nail crush here are my nails inspired by Britney Tokyo:

The oval “gems” with a silver frame were made by me! I used some oval jump rings for jewelry making and filled them with polish, easy peasey! Same goes for the black round “gems” on the thumbs. I have to say, they turned out really well, once they are dry all you have to do is apply them using clear polish followed by a good thick layer of top coat. The stamps all come from my jumbo cheeky plates.

For this look I used:
Seche Vite Base Coat
O.P.I. Neon colors in ridiculously yellow, formidable orange, riotously pink, white base
Essence party princess
Seche Vite Top Coat
Cheeky beauty rhinestones
LA Splash loose glitter

Nail plates used:
Cheeky Beauty jumbo plates

Up next I have a YOLO Miami manicure to show you so stay tuned!

Sunken Treasure!

Hi all! Well it had been a busy time! I’ve been trying to build my nail skills, I tried and failed miserably at the acrylic nail stuff but I’ve had some great success with gel nails! Or more specifically gel overlays. But that is for another post! Today I have my sunken treasure nails on display! I used the seashells I purchased from the nail room a great little site by a young lady in Vancouver B.C. Don’t forget to check it out, she also does nails that are absolutely beautiful!
Ok! Enough talk here is the manicure:

What do you think? Have you guys used the uber trendy shells in your manicures?

For this look I used:
O.P.I. My boyfriend scales walls, blue my mind
Essence tropical heat
Essence caviar beads
Cheeky store rhinestones and pearls
Shop The Nail Room sea shells
Seche Vite Top Coat

Up next are my neon fantasy nails inspired by Britney Tokyo a wonderful edgy nail artist from L.A. I love her work, it is always vibrant and fresh, I just wish I could get my nails done by her, maybe some day…

Hey, Nice Nails! Inspired manicure

Hi all! As I mentioned before, I am on vacation and have been having a hard time accessing my blog remotely. Please forgive this time lag between my last few posts.
Today I have a double whammy for you, not only am I showing you a manicure inspired by the amazing ladies at Hey, Nice Nails!, if you don’t know these ladies from South Beach you have truly been missing out on some fantastic nail art, go to their website and check them out this instant! That’s an order!!!
I am also trying out a new to me UV topcoat by Seche. The manufacturers of the topcoat claim you can use regular polish under the topcoat and that, like the Seche Vite Top Coat, it cures the layers of polish underneath. Too good to be true? Maybe, but me thinks I shall put it to the test! And test it I did, not only did it cure the layers of polish underneath it lasted 10 days!!!!! Yes, I kept my polish on that long. I thought my vacation would be the perfect time to try this product and man, was I right. I really put this product through its paces and it held up amazingly well, while I had a really hard time fighting the urge to pick at my manicure it still managed to look good throughout the 10 day wear period.
Ok, enough talk here are the pictures you actually came here to see:

I loved this manicure, it really turned out well. I had been wanting to try a nude manicure for a while but always ended up covering the nude with bright colours.
After 10 days the accent nail on the middle fingers peeled off, that was my cue to pick off the polish on the other nails! Lol. Here is a picture of the 10th day of wear:

As you can see the other nails don’t look too bad, I suspect the polish peeled off because of the rhinestone adornment on those nails, the other nails were not peeling quite so badly and were only peeling around the edges. Another sign that this is a miracle top coat: NO TIP WEAR! Seriously, there was very little tip wear on my nails, even where I had capped my tips the polish was still clinging to the edge of my nail. This is major, as some of you know, tip wear is usually the reason I change my polish, I hate it! This product eliminated that.
For this look I used:
Seche Vite Base Coat
Essence café olé
Seche Vite UV Top Coat
Cheeky Beauty tape and rhinestones

Next up I will be doing a mermaid nail so stay tuned!