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Ahoy Mates! Nautical Manicure

The 30 Day Nail Challenge has finally come to an end. While I enjoyed being guided by the challenge I now have to take the training wheels off and come up with my own manicure ideas. I bought a great looking red from Revlon called velvet rope, it’s a nice deep red with no sparkles or shimmer, a true blood red. I also scored a whole bunch of striping tape from Cheeky Beauty for an incredibly low price! I love the Cheeky Fairies, I’ve bought nail plates, rhinestones and, striping tape from them, they truly have amazing deals.
So enough talk here is my nautical look tape manicure.

The little red pearls I used were also from my giant order from Cheeky Beauty. They have a flat back and you apply them using a little bit of clear polish, I love the way they look but they bled a little when I applied my layer of Miracote Top Coat. I don’t think it would have been as noticeable on a darker base. I did the same thing with the star accents, I dabbed a little bit of clear polish on and pressed the star into place. Add a layer or two of topcoat and Bob is your uncle!

Have any of you tried adding rhinestones or gleequins to your manicures?

For this look I used:
Seche Vite Base Coat
Revlon velvet rope
Revlon spirit
Essence date in the moonlight
Miracote tip coat
Striping tape, stars and, pearl accents are available from Cheeky Beauty

Stay tuned

30 Day Nail Challenge Day 12: Stripes.

the 30 Day Nail Challenge for today is Stripes, I went for a nautical theme complete with whales and mermaids. I also tried out a DIY peel off base coat that I had seen floating around the blogosphere. What sorcery is this you ask? It simply consists of painting you nails with white glue then applying your polish on top. Guess what? This actually works!!!!! I painted my nails with the glue, let it dry, created my nautical using nail polish and sealed it with a topcoat.


I thought it would be a good idea to document the wear I would get out of this experiment, I have to say that it held up really well. After a day at work I only saw a little bit of tip wear and a few corners had worn down. I wore it again today and it did not show anymore wear than yesterday. This is one trick I will be using again.

I finally indulged my desire to peel my polish today and it peeled off like a charm.

What do you think? Has anyone ever tried this method before?
My next mani for the 30DNC is animal print, I just received a boat load of nail stamping plates from Bundle Monster and Pueen so…