Month: November 2013

Halloween Mix Part 2

As promised I am showing you my second set of Halloween nails. I really wanted to try doing some torn skin nails like these ones and many others on the interwebs! The eye was supposed to look like a mummy’s eye surrounded by bandages, it was a bit muddled but still looked cool. The other nails were a fail, purple and orange textures glitter fade, slime green glitter sandwich, and the worst ever attempt at vampire lips print.

Sometimes things don’t turn out as well as you think, oh well the next ones will be better!
For this look I used:
O.P.I. James Bond collection Honey Rider, Jinx

Hand Painted Mix Part 2

Hello again! I know I played a sneaky Halloween blog post swap out last time but today I will really be showing you the rest of my hand painted mix. As usual I used polish for a base and then used acrylic paint to do the designs, everything then gets the Seche Vite Top Coat treatment once it is done.

I really like the way these turned out. I t took quite a while for me to complete these and I wanted to practice so I painted them on some false nails. Sometimes you just want your art to last!
Next up is my second set of Halloween nails so stay tuned!