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30 Day Nail Challenge Day 3: Yellow

Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday! It is always nice to have time off from work.
This is the third day of the 30 Day Nail Challenge and today the nail colour is yellow. I struggled with this one too, I had originally done a navy blue dotted accent nail but it was an epic fail.


The 30 Day Challenge Day 1:Red

I’ve been reading nail blogs for quite some time now and have always thought it would be fun to try one of those 30 day nail challenges. So, here goes:
This is my day 1 manicure, I have to admit that red is not one of my favorite manicure colours and I was less than enthusiastic about this one. I have to say though that I don’t hate this manicure as much as I thought I would!


I used:
Nicole by OPI Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi as a base on all the nails
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out for the stamping
Revlon Ritzy on the pinky fingers

First blog post!


My first blog post! So I started this blog to showcase my addiction to nail art and everything polish related as well as my obsession with DIY and crafts. I often find that my crafts end up being an inspiration for my nail art and I thought it might be a good idea to meld the two.